AMD RYZEN 2 2700X benchmark leaked!

AMD plans on releasing the second generation Ryzen cpu’s, Zen+ in April this year. The anticipated successor to the immensely popular Summit Ridge Ryzen cpu’s. The first generation Ryzen stirred up the cpu market, giving gamers and content creators a nice alternative to Intel. Despite being very competitive and strong in Lees verder…

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Benq TK800 Projector

What is better than playing Fifa 18 with your best friends? Well, playing Fifa 18 with your friends on a 2.5 meter wide x 1.5 meters high screen in 4K! BenQ teases the new TK800 projector with 4K HDR image quality and 3D functionality. Projector image quality has come a Lees verder…

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Razer Blade Stealth 2018

Razer recently introduced their 2018 Blade Stealth series. As a relatively new company to the notebook market, Razer entered in 2013, primarily focussing on gamers. Their slogan: “For Gamers, By gamers” is kept alive even in 2018. Today, their notebooks serve a broader market, but still keep the same style Lees verder…

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