Intel’s Core i9-9900K is available since last quarter 2018. Nevertheless Intel decides to introduce yet another variant of it’s fastest non HEDT consumer cpu for gaming, a Core i9-9900KS with an all core boost of 5.0Ghz. The original Core i9-9900K and Intel Core i9-9900KF 95W TDP boosts all its 8 cores to 4.7Ghz and has the ability within it’s factory specs to boost one core to 5.0Ghz but can also be overclocked to reach the 5.0Ghz all core.

At we also have a testbench that is custom watercooled and the cpu reaches 80 degrees under full load. Expect to reserve cash for a high end air cooler or at least a 240mm AIO with a good pump. Intel makes the Core i9-9900KS 127W TDP available this week as a limited edition. Expect it to also be available for a limited ammount of time. We think Intel will use specially binned cpu’s for this or increases voltage to reach the 5.0Ghz all core.


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Der8auer Core i9-9900Ks Overclock 6.0Ghz+ | TECHJUNKIES · 30 oktober 2019 op 16:06

[…] week Intel released the Limited Edition Core i9-9900KS for € 560,00. Roman also known as Der8auer tried to overclock this new cpu to it’s limits […]

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