Gigabyte just released a new overclock guide for AMD Ryzen 3000 series cpu’s. In their testing they used the not yet released Ryzen 9 3950X and overclocked it to 4.4 GHZ all core. They used a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master for this. Cooling was done by an EK P360 kit, thus custom watercooling.

Even with custom watercooling the cpu reached a TJ temp of 101 Degrees Celcius and the chipset maxed out at 68 Degrees Celcius during testing. Temperatures were this high because Gigabyte used 1.452 volts to achieve the 4.4 Ghz all core overclock. @ stock settings the Ryzen 9 3950X produced 3932 CB points, @ 4.3 Ghz 4384 points and @ 4.4 Ghz 4475 CB point. Even the stock results are faster than an Intel Core i9-9980XE and Threadripper 2970WX.


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AMD AGESA features PBO and PB2 for Ryzen 3000 | TECHJUNKIES · 9 oktober 2019 op 09:10

[…] Also there will be more direct control over independend CCX overclocking for Ryzen 9 3900X and the expected Ryzen 9 3950X. Launch date for the new AGESA will also be November […]

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