Phanteks has recently introduced the ‘new’ Phanteks Eclipse P400A, where we could better opt for the word revised as the structural design of the P400A is similar to the previous Phanteks P400 and P400S with the exception of a new mesh front panel.

The original front panel of the Phanteks P400 was rather restrictive due too being almost completely closed of with only two small vents on the top and bottom part of the panel letting air in.

Old front panel Phanteks P400 and P400S

This restrictive front panel has been replaced by a mesh front panel which can drop case/cpu temperatures drastically as Gamersnexus have tested in the video below.

The Digital variants of the P400A include three front 120mm ARGB fans that can be controlled with an RGB/fan controller button on the i/o panel. The regular Black variant includes one intake fan and one in the back of the case. Both are 120mm but without RGB lighting functionality. The top of the P400A non-digital only features a fanspeed controller as you can see below.

The pricing for the P400A with three ARGB fans is € 83,00 in the least expensive E-Shop. The Non-Digital variant costs you € 66,00. We think these prices are very compelling due too the fact that most competitive offerings do not include fan controllers with three RGB fans and build quality at this price point. We think the Corsair ICUE 220T comes close if we look at features and price. Visit Phanteks to check out all details about this case.

P400ADigital BlackDigital WhiteBlack
Dimension210 x 465x 470 mm
8.3 in x 18.3 in x 18.5 in
Form FactorMidtower
MaterialsPowder coated steel
Tempered glass side panel
Motherboard SupportATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX,
E-ATX *(up to 272mm wide)
Front I/O2x USB 3.0, Mic,
Headphone, Reset,
LED control (Digital),
3-speed Fan controller (Non Dig.)

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