At we like watercooling and especially the custom watercooling kind. Both our AMD Ryzen 9 3900X and Intel Core i9-9900K testbenches are custom cooled with EKWB waterblocks and pumps. Now InWin comes to market with something that will easily be in your Top 3 of wanted parts if you are a custom watercooler looking for a new case.

InWin worked together with EKWB on this one and fitted their existing InWin 303 with a EKWB distribution plate making it suitable for a very tidy watercooling build without the need to for many bends. Although bends can definitely help define the looks of your system, maybe this will drop the entry barrier to custom watercooling for a lot of users not feeling comfortable into building such a system in the first place.

InWin is the first to integrate a water distribution plate into a case and sell it as such (with the exclusion of for example the really expensive Singularity PC’s Spectre case). If you look around you will see these plates are normally sold separately fitting in the side or the front of a few popular pc cases like a lot of manufacturers designed one for the popular Lian Li PC-O11. EKWB gives the InWin 303EK case an MSRP of € 339,90 and can be bought via EKWB’s site and other E-tailers like for example in the Netherlands.

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