After the release of AMD’s 2nd gen. Ryzen 5 2600(X) and Ryzen 7 2700(X) the upcoming lineup has ‘accidently’ been disclosed by AMD on it’s website, via the AMD Product Master catalogue which was taken offline right after the leak. The document mentions the model names and product codes of the following cpu’s.

model * code
Ryzen 3 2100 YD210BC6M2OFB
Ryzen 3 2300X YD230XBBM4KAF
Ryzen 5 2500X YD250XBBM4KAF
Thread Ripper 2900X YD290XA8U8QAF
Thread Ripper 2920X YD292XA8UC9AF
Thread Ripper 2950X YD295XA8UGAAF
Ryzen 3 2000U Mobile YM200UC4T2OFB
Ryzen 5 2600U Mobile YM2600C3T4MFB
Ryzen 7 2800U Mobile YM2800C3T4MFB

According to AMD’s road map or Roll-Out as they call it, the Ryzen Threadripper 2000 series can be expected in Q3 or Q4 2018 and the Ryzen 3 2100, 2300X and Ryzen 5 2500X will be introduced somewhere between now and the end of June 2018.

The new Ryzen Threadripper cpu’s will undergo the same treatment as 2nd gen Ryzen 2000, meaning we will see higher clockrates lower cpu cache latencies and higher DDR4 memory clockspeeds.


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