It has been a while since we posted a new blog on But yes ladies and gentlemen, we are back! This summer i took the time to focus on family matters, my day to day business and time to prioritize all these activities looking at the future including the chaos i put myself in trying to include in the mix. I hope i found a good balance now looking forward. This summer i kept myself occupied with new hardware behind the scenes regarding Intel’s 10 series cpu’s, custom watercooling, renewing my testbench, NVidia’s RTX 3000 series launch and also the upcoming AMD 5000 series cpu’s expected to release the 28th of October 2020. Expect us to release a few blogs every week covering the most important topics or what we define as unique content. We are actively looking for new Dutch authors so please leave me a message if you are interested in a position.

Lately i got a lot of questions regarding the simple procedure on how to apply thermal paste to your CPU or Graphics card for that matter. Still in 2020 despite it being covered a lot there is still debate about whether you should put a lot of paste on your CPU/GPU or just a little, layed out in a cross or just a small grain of rice in the middle. MYPC made a very nice video about this topic using a transparant plexiglass ‘heatsink’. Maybe you have seen it, maybe you didn’t and if you didn’t it is a very informative video. As Gamersnexus have shown us better use to to much paste than to little especially for your GPU!

Source: MYPC youtube.

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