Today Intel introduces the Intel 665-P NVMe SSD with 1TB and 2TB capacity. The 665-P-SSD is the predecessor of the popular Intel 660P SSD and features the same SM2263 Controller and 256MB DDR3 cache. Furthermore, we find the same QLC-Nand memory on the 665P that features 4 bits per cell but where the Intel 660P has memory chips consisting of 64 layers, the Intel 665P-SSD stacks the layers higher for a total of 94. The 1TB and 2TB also differ in the size of their flexible SLC cache. The 1TB model has a maximum of 140GB SLC cache whereas the 2TB has double the maximum SLC Cache thus 280GB.

According to Intel the advantages of using 96 layers QLC NAND stems from increased write and read speeds with 13.6%, but more importantly the drives lifespan is increased with 50%. When the 665P-SSD is available is unknown. Pricing will be around € 125,00 on launch.


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