Up untill recently scientist have not been able to generate a model that accurately predicts the formation of galaxies. German and US scientist are proud to present TNG50, a large scale and largest detailed rendering of a single massive galaxy consisting of gasses becoming denser over billions of years. The researchers used The Hazel Hen supercomputer located in Stuttgart used 16.000 of it’s 185.000 total cores for a year long computing this masterpiece. Think about it, the cosmic simultation measures 230 million light-years in diameter and 20 Billion particles representing dark matter, cosmic gas, magnetic fields and super massive black holes and combines this into one model.

Next time you think about the nonsense surrounding the nessecity of ever growing core counts in cpu’s, think about this example. It puts everything right back into perspective. 🙂

Source: Tweaktown, Universetoday

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