After the NES mini, the Playstation Classic and the Sega Mega Drive Mini there is room for more reincarnations of old game consoles. Retro games announced the release of The THEC64. The THEC64 is a replica of the original Commodore 64 with modern connectivity options and 64 preinstalled games . The designers tried to come close to the orginal by replicating the 8-bit sounds of the original Commodore 64, downscaling the resolution to 720P and including image filters to peronalize the different games to your liking to get that old skool flavored gaming experience.

Furthermore there is an updated joystick, USB connectivity for storing save games and programming in C64 and VIC 20 BASIC. The THEC64 will be released the 20th. of December 2019. Your preorder can be placed at a few selected e-tailers in Europe and it will cost € 119,00.


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