Micron claims to have the worlds fastest SSD commercially available. The Micron X100 as it is called features 3D XPoint technology able of reaching speeds up to 9 GB/s and 2.5 million IOPS via the standard NVMe protocol and a 16x PCI-E interface. In comparison the new consumer PCI-E Gen 4.0 NVMe ssd’s are rated for 5 GB/s. Micron almost doubles that speed with the X100.

The Micron X100 drive focuses on the server market as 3D Xpoint technologies profits from long term durability compared to regular flash memory. At the same time it could chew through large datasets and transactional workloads relatively easy. Pricing is not available yet, but expect a hefty penny. As this is not a regular consumer product at the moment we can see where we are heading in the near future!

Source: Hothardware.com

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