This blog is a small trip down memory lane for me, as ten years ago Mushkin was a memory brand that was loved by overclockers due to their overclocking friendly DDR2 kits featuring Micron D9 memory chips. Now in 2019 Mushkin’s introduces a new memory set the Redline DDR4-3200 CL16 2x8GB

Featuring an old skool green pcb with the familiar Red Frostbyte heatspreader on top, the Mushkin Redline CL16 3200mhz (part nr. MRA4U320GJJM8GX2 ) target RGB haters 🙂 and builders that want an old skool look to their fresh builds.

Techpowerup also did a review of this kit and could overclock it slightly to 3400mhz CL16. We are a little dissapointed but nonetheless we hope Mushkin follows up with this style we all liked 10 years ago but with more focus on overclocking headroom. We found the modules to be available at Alternate in the Netherlands for € 95,00. In the US the pricing is more reasonable at $ 75,00 @

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