AMD Polaris has been around since 2016 and even in 2019 AMD keeps Polaris alongside the new Vega RX 5700 and 5700 XT, bringing 1080P 60FPS gaming to the masses at a respectable sub € 200,00 price point. In Europe videocard design went from seemingly colorfull to a more plain design, making personalization possible through custom RGB lighting. Looking at the Yeston RX580 2048SP-8GD5 MA CUTE PET, the looks are anything but plain. With Pink lighting (not RGB) and a blue shroud it is different to say the least.

The Yeston RX 580 8GB is fitted with a dual slot cooling solution supporting an overclock of 1420 Mhz on the core. Gamersnexus recently bought one and did a review about it which you can view below. If you want to purchase one for your blue/pink build you can do so via this link. 🙂 Be aware of the fact that if you live in the US you can face additional import taxes.

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HIS introduces Radeon RX5700 XT Pink and Blue Army | TECHJUNKIES · 5 december 2019 op 09:36

[…] seen a pink videocard. Earlier this year Yeston a Chinese hardware manufacturer released RX580 Cute Pet . Now HIS does the same trick but a little more civilized. No cats this time but a pink or blue […]

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