Reall Crystals? No not really but it certainly looks like it. The new G-Skill Royal modules look stunning with their polished metal heatspreaders and cristal shaped top. Unlike the regular Trident-Z RGB, the Trident-Z Royal module features RGB’s which are placed closer to the memory chips, thus placing them a bit further from the top of the modules resulting in a more refined color dissipation. These modules would fit the latest $ 5000,00 inWin Z-Tower very good. 🙂

Memory speeds and latencies of the G-Skill Trident-Z Royal series are not available yet, but we expect them to hit the streets in a few weeks. For your viewing pleasure we included the promo video of G-Skill below displaying the Royal module from every angle.




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FakeAnon · 12 februari 2019 op 21:24

looks beautiful. I wish these boxes were more popular, and, so, cheaper.

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