In our performance benchmarks Rockstars GTA 5 is a regular participant. Besides using it for our benchmark articles, we like playing this game online occasionally and that is where things seem to go bonkers lately, especially since the last updates from late last year.

Maybe the sentence  ‘Pay to win’ is not justified and the right approach describing the online GTA 5 development, but grinding through Heist missions and regular jobs makes days of gameplay worthwhile if you want that multi million Dollar car. On the other hand we find it worrysome that youngsters pay € 45,00 for a 8 million Dollar in game shark card, (which is twice the game price at this moment) to get their hands on two in game high end cars and a digital home to execute their online criminal endeavours.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like GTA 5 and I admire the success of Rockstar creating this brilliant game, but the reward/activity ratio for completing Heists and jobs is just out of balance. This in turn promotes hackers and cheaters to spoil the game, trolling people playing it like it was meant to be played.

This short article was not meant to bash Rockstar or people buying sharkcards or even hackers for that matter, but just me describing the way the game felt after returning to the game after a few months of absence. What do you think of GTA Online at this moment? Do you think it is all good or do you have your critics? Please let us know in the comments below!


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