Zotac’s ZBOX IP225 is an attempt to make pc’s more portable than ever. Measuring 95,4 x 63 x 8 mm, the Zotac ZBOX PI225 is smaller than a regular 2.5 inch SSD. Featuring an Intel Apollo Lake N3350 CPU, 4 GB RAM and 32GB of storage, the IP225 is not the fastest pc but mediastreaming and office work won’t be a problem.

Video output does not traditionally work through a HDMI connection, but instead Zotac opted for a Type-C port to HDMI solution. As this little pocket monster does not have an ATX PSU ;), the power is supplied through a micro USB port. If you require more storage space and connectivity rest assured, Zotac includes a micro SD slot and two USB Type-C ports and even a VESA mount to attach it to the back of a suited monitor.


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