Anandtech released a review of the MSI X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC. As the name implies an Intel M-ATX X299 Socket 2066 board which shares the market with only the EVGA X299 Micro. For starters you’ll get a 4 dimm configuration (same as EVGA) as the 244x244mm square m-ATX layout does not allow eight dimms space wise. There is only support for Skylake-X, no Kaby Lake-X and in gaming and general workloads the MSI X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC ends somewhere in the middle of the pack with very small differences to the top three. This top three also includes the ITX form factor Asrock X299-E-ITX/ac. Below you’ll find a small part of the benchmarks based on an Intel Core i9-7900X and a GTX 980 Maxwell GPU. Visit Anandtech to read all about the ins and outs regarding this new MSI motherboard.



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