Yesterday we talked about the FSP Dagger 600W PSU. Today our attention goes out to the new FSP CMT 330 and CMT 550 Case. Yes you heard it right, Mr. PSU enters the case market.



The CMT520 is a new high-end, yet affordable PC Gaming case from FSP. It features four RGB fans that support Motherboard RGB control, like Asus Aurasync, Gigabyte RGB fusion, and MSI Mystic light. Those RGB fans shine behind the tempered glass front and side panels, and are reflected by the PSU shroud’s Halo Cover, which mirrors the inside of your case. With airflow being a critical design in the CMT520, the front panel offers ventilation for cool air to enter the chassis, allowing both a front or top 360mm radiator to receive great cooling. The CMT520 supports up to E-ATX motherboards. Coming in at $ 99,00 the CMT520 is an interesting option for Tempered Glass and RGB enthousiast, including the RGB fans and controller for under $100,00.


The CMT 330 features the same internal dimensions as its bigger brother and allows for the installation of two 5¼” drives, besides the two 2½” and 3½” drives available in both cases. The CMT330 has an acrylic side panel and Halo Cover and a blue exhaust LED fan. Suited for liquid cooling, and supporting 120 & 140 mm fans, space for up to two 360 mm radiators, while two 120 mm fans at the front of the chassis provide plenty of airflow to cool your system. Despite sharing the same chassis with the CMT520, the maximum motherboard size is ATX.

The classic layout, plexiglass windowed sidepanel, and pricepoint of the CMT330 makes us wonder whether or not this case can compete with the established order, having more brand awareness, offering rubber grommets for cable management and equiped with T.G. sidepanels.






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