Are you looking for a NAS drive with a large ammount of storage? Western Digital has its 8TB and 10TB variants in the RED series line-up. These helium filled drives are especially developed for NAS systems with multiple drives in RAID configs. How do they hold up against their competition, the Seagate Iron Wolf 12TB and 10TB, Toshiba N300 and a HGST Deskstar 6TB?

Tomshardware just finished a comprehensive review regarding these disks. At the moment the WD Red 10TB is priced at € 321,00 and the WD RED 8TB costs € 240,00. Which makes the Euro/GB balance fall in the direction of the 8TB version. Although, that doesn’t tell the whole story. The 10TB variant features double the ammount of RAM, 256MB vs 128MB in the 8TB RED. Furthermore, the sequential speeds of the 10TB are rated at 210 MB/s where the 8TB variant tops out at 178 MB/s.

Model # Capacity Interface RPM Class Cache Shop
WD100EFAX 10TB SATA 6Gb s 5400RPM 256MB
WD80EFZX 8TB SATA 6Gb s 5400RPM 128MB
WD60EFRX 6TB SATA 6Gb s 5400RPM 64MB
WD40EFRX 4TB SATA 6Gb s 5400RPM 64MB
WD30EFRX 3TB SATA 6Gb s 5400RPM 64MB



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